PAWS-GIST presented with “Tesco Centenary Grant Award”…

November continued to be a very exciting month for our PAWS-GIST alliance.

From the NCRI awards ceremony in Glasgow we travelled south to Cambridge.

Here we met with representatives from Groundwork UK and Tesco who presented us with a cheque for £10,000 which has been awarded to PAWS-GIST as a result of the “Tesco Centenary Grant Award”.

This fantastic award will help to fund the next three PAWS-GIST clinics, the first of which is happening on 28th-29th of November at Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge.

Thank you to everyone who shopped at Tesco’s over the past four months and voted for our PAWS-GIST rare cancer clinic, we could not have received this without you and as always sincere thanks to Dr Bulusu and all of our specialists and volunteers who work tirelessly, seeking answers and opportunities to improve treatments and find a cure for PAWS-GIST!

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