Apply for PAWS-GIST Research Funding

Funding to support UK based PAWS-GIST projects

Ongoing fundraising by patients, their families, friends and supporters allows GIST Cancer UK to offer funding to support UK based clinic and PAWS-GIST related projects.

Any research funding grant applicant who is looking to conduct high quality PAWS-GIST research may be eligible for grant funding (either directly or in collaboration with other parties), from GIST Cancer UK.

GIST Cancer UK is working closely with Sarcoma UK and is supporting their 'Open Grant Round 2024'.  We are particularly interested in supporting projects related to PAWS-GIST as part of this process.  Details of the bidding process can be found here.  The bidding closes on Thursday 5th September 2024.

All research grant proposals are reviewed by the GIST Cancer UK Medical advisory Board (MAB) whose members comprise a multidisciplinary team of GIST & Tissue Banking specialists from centres in the UK.

Proposal Review

All research proposals are reviewed and those that the MAB recommend for progression are submitted for peer review to a minimum of two experts in the UK / Internationally. The MAB are specialists who offer their expertise to GIST Cancer UK and PAWS-GIST on a voluntary basis. They operate independently from the charity’s trustees.

PAWS-GIST patients and carers are involved at every stage of the research grant review process which is designed to ensure that the projects that are funded:

  • Are relevant
  • Do not duplicate ongoing studies
  • Are adequately funded
  • Have a reasonable prospect of producing meaningful results

The Types of Grant on offer

Seed Funding Grants

We will consider grant funding requests for seed funding proposals that are likely to lead to development of ideas and science that result in major grant applications for PAWS-GIST research.

Discovery Grants

The research that we fund must be of the highest scientific merit, in terms of the importance of the investigation, excellence of the study, ability of the research team, and probability of success.

We recognise that clinical trials are of crucial importance to new therapies. We are keen to support pilot studies, and to work in partnership with other research funders, professional associations and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to support clinical trials, but providing sole funding for clinical trials, is currently beyond our means.

Proposed projects should be milestone-driven, with clearly defined outcomes and future value.

Please see our Research Projects page for previous research grants that have been awarded.

The Types of People & Institutions that we work with

We work with people and institutions from a range of disciplines to help find the cause of and cure for PAWS-GIST cancer or research that will improve treatments for patients with this disease.

We are keen to work in partnership with other research funders, professional associations and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. We are well disposed towards partnership funding within the requirements of a rigorous peer review process and encourage co-operative and collaborative research as a means of accelerating progress towards new treatments for PAWS-GIST patients.

Grant Awards

Grants are awarded once the peer review process has completed, the MAB has made their recommendation and the trustees of GIST Cancer UK have agreed release of the funds.

Support beyond the project?

Whilst additional funding for research may be available, we cannot guarantee further financial support beyond the term of the agreed project.

Enquiries & Grant Applications

To make enquiries or submit your PAWS-GIST research grant funding application:

Please write to: copying