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PAWS-GIST clinics are run by Cambridge University Hospitals Foundation Trust drawing upon GIST specialists from across the NHS.

If you are a younger and/or Wild-type GIST patient then our clinic is tailor-made for you!

The clinics are part of a centre of expertise working to understand the causes and mechanisms of Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumour in children, young people and all with wild-type GISTs.  Their work aims to improve treatment, provide highly specialised care plans and find a cure for this rare form of cancer.

What Is PAWS GIST?  Jayne Bressington explains...

Who We Are

♦ A network of patients, carers, and world leading PAWS-GIST specialists
♦ We work with National/International groups, to promote best practice
♦ We are here to be with you & help you as you come to terms with living with PAWS-GIST

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What We Do

♦ Support Patients living with PAWS-GIST cancer
♦ Provide Information for PAWS-GIST patients
♦ Fund & Stimulate Research
♦ Raise awareness of PAWS-GIST cancer

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Support Us

♦ Raise funds for Research & Patient Support
♦ Raise awareness of PAWS-GIST
♦ "Like" us on Facebook / "Follow" us on Twitter

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Awards & Recognition

PAWS-GIST has received the following Awards in recognition of our work...
National Cancer Research Institute's 2019 Collaboration Excellence Award.
The Life Raft Group's 2014 Global Award of Excellence

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Next PAWS-GIST Clinic

Where: Cambridge

When: 9th August 2024

We are delighted to invite applications to our next PAWS-GIST clinics.

Please Register to Attend.

We look forward to seeing you!

Other PAWS-GIST Clinic dates:

  • 6th December 2024

Info for Clinicians & Nurses

The UK clinic for the rare subtypes of GISTs has been operating since 2014. The national consortium of specialists are here to provide advice and guidance to support you and your patients.

Presently, we run three clinics a year where we review the pathology, molecular profiling, imaging and the management of the patients. The clinic also offers genetic testing and counselling for those GIST patients who may harbour a germline variant.

The clinic also serves as a platform for research and clinical trials. We work in collaboration with international experts in developing more effective treatments.

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National GIST Guidelines

PAWS-GIST Consensus Statement


We are extremely fortunate to have GIST specialists and researchers in the UK who dedicate their lives to improving treatments and finding a cure for GIST. The link below will take you to current research projects..

PAWS-GIST Research Projects

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