PAWS-GIST Video Reports

Paediatric, Adolescent, Wild-type & Syndromic GIST (PAWS-GIST)

2023 Video Report

PAWS-GIST Clinic Update - Dr. Ramesh Bulusu, London April 2023

2023 Video Report

Dr. V Ramesh Bulusu - The current scientific and expert evidence about "How to treat rare GIST sub-types"  - New Horizons GIST conference, Dublin May 2023 

2023 Video Report

Jayne Bressington - "The UK experience of Patients and Experts working closely together in Rare GIST Subtypes" - New Horizons  GIST Conference Dublin May 2023

2023 Video Report

Professor Florian Haller PatholoGIST from the University Hospital Erlangen, Erlangen, Germany – an overview of the biology, genetics and profiles of the rare and very rare GISTs - New Horizons GIST Dublin 2023

2023 Video Report

Dr John Glod - The US experience of patients and experts working closely together, New Horizons GIST conference - Dublin May 2023

2023 Video Report

Q & A - “Rare and very rare GIST subtypes” - New Horizons GIST conference - Dublin May 2023

2020 Video Report

PAWS GIST team video - July 2020. Here is a message that our specialists and the PAWS-GIST Clinic would like to share with you.

2019 Video Report

PAWS-GIST Update - Dr. V Ramesh Bulusu - October 2019, Leeds

2018 Video Reports

Overview of the UK Paediatric Adolescent Wild type & Syndromic PAWS GIST Clinic - Dr Ramesh Bulusu, 2018.

Current Research Finding (US and European Clinics) - Dr Ruth Casey, 2018.

Current Research Findings (US and European Clinics) NIH Pediatric & Wildtype GIST Clinic - Dr Fernanda Arnaldez, 2018.

Understanding Pediatric & SDH Deficient GIST - Dr Lee Helman, 2018.

SDH Deficient GIST Case Presentation - Dr Suzanne George, 2018.

SDH Deficient GIST Video Playback - 1 of 3, 2018.

SDH Deficient GIST Video Playback - 2 of 3, 2018.

SDH Deficient GIST Video Playback - 3 of 3, 2018.

2017 Video Report

Aviva Fund GIST Support UK PAWS GIST Stella Turner - October 2017.

2014: 1st PAWS-GIST Clinic opening

First PAWS GIST Clinic Opening featured on BBC TV, and filmed by the BBC when the PAWS-GIST Clinic in Cambridgeshire, UK opened in 2014.

2013 Video Reports

GIST Support UK - Update on the PAWS GIST initiative - Jayne Bressington, April 2013, Bristol

GIST Support UK - GIST Update - Jayne Bressington, October 2013, London

2012 Video Reports

GIST Support UK- PAWS Paediatric Adolescent & Update - J.Bressington, April 2012, Newcastle

GIST Support UK - Update on PAWS GIST - Jayne Bressington, October 2012, Oxford