Diagnosing GIST

Educational Material & Publications to help with the management of GIST patients

Educational Video - For GP's and Primary Care Clinicians

We are delighted after many years of work to launch this educational video for GP's and Primary Care Clinicians.

Please share this educational material with your colleagues.

GP and Cancer lead for Gloucestershire, Dr Sadaf Haque discusses the "Possible presentation in Primary care of GIST (Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumour)" with leading UK GIST specialists Professor Robin Jones, Dr Charlotte Benson & Mr Satvinder Mudan.

The conversation is further enhanced with expert clinical input from Professor Ian Judson and is followed by three GIST patient stories illustrating their pathway to a GIST diagnosis.

Please watch the video here:


  • To recall that GIST is a type of sarcoma
  • To distinguish signs and symptoms that may warrant further investigation
  • To identify red flag symptoms or signs that suggest an urgent suspected Cancer referral is recommended.
  • To review the impact of treatment and side effects for people with GIST sarcoma.

GIST Cancer UK Publications

GIST Cancer UK publishes a number of Publications which you may find helpful. Most are in the form of PDFs which can be downloaded. Alternatively you can email admin@gistcancer.org.uk and ask for a hard copy.

All GIST Cancer UK publications on the subject of GIST have been written in collaboration with leading GIST specialists who are members of GIST Cancer UK's Medical Advisory Board.

GIST For Beginners

Download (PDF, 800KB)

This booklet is an introduction to GIST cancer. It explains what GIST is, how it is diagnosed and what the possible treatments are. The printed version is obtainable from GIST Cancer UK. This booklet developed by GIST patients and approved by leading GIST specialists who are members of the GCUK Medical Advisory Board.

Eating after GI Surgery for GISTEating after GI Surgery for GIST

Download (PDF,1MB)

This is a booklet prepared by GCUK on coping the with problems of eating after stomach surgery. It is based on the experience of GCUK patients and has been qualified by gastrointestinal specialists.


No Stomach? No Stomach?

Download (PDF,2MB)

This booklet is intended for patients who have had a total gastrectomy. It may feel rather a daunting and negative assessment of life after removal of the stomach, but we know a number of patients who have learnt to manage this very well, and continue to lead normal lives. It is probably useful to read this in conjunction with the above booklet "Eating after GI Surgery for GIST" since that covers things not mentioned in this booklet.


I am a GIST PatientI am a GIST Patient

Available by post only

This is a useful little pocket book in which you can record details about your GIST and any medication you are on. It is intended for use in the event of a medical emergency. It has spaces for the name of your oncologist, the drugs you are on, etc, and lists the drugs to be avoided if you are on Glivec or Sutent. The booklet is a translation from the German of an equivalent booklet produced by Das Lebenshaus.


100 Questions & Answers about Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST)100 Questions & Answers about Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST)

Available from book sellers

By DeMatteo, Symcox and Demetri (ISBN-13:978-0-7637-3838-9/ISBN-10:0-7637-3838-7). Although this book has been written very much with an American readership in mind, it nevertheless carries a lot of very helpful information about GIST and its treatment. GCUK does not keep copies but you can order it through any good bookseller. It costs about £10.


GIST Cancer UK Publicity Leaflet

Download (PDF,113KB)

A leaflet telling you about GCUK.

For distribution as widely as possible, especially in hospital out-patient departments.