PAWS-GIST Clinic 11 – December 2017

Report composed by Alison Thomas

To begin, so sorry to anyone whose picture isn't on here, the clinic was so busy there was never a dull moment!

The 11th PAWS-GIST Clinic took place on the 1st December 2017 with a welcome meal on the evening of the 30th November.

There were 4 new patients attending with partners and family, joining 3 existing patients. It was so nice to see everyone getting on so well together, exchanging stories and getting to know each other.

As usual the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly and everyone was made to feel welcome. Dr Ramesh Bulusu and Dr Ruth Casey were there and also pathologist Dr Olivier Giger (pictured right).

Dr Bulusu rounded off the evening with a friendly talk explaining what the plan was for the next days’ clinic.

Dr Olivier Giger

Judith Robinson (right) with Vicki Bagnall (left)

Judith Robinson was, as usual, such a great help with her knowledge of GIST and her ability to make every one feel at ease and welcome. Just to make things a little bit special, the snow started to fall outside and it 'began to look a lot like Christmas!

On Friday the clinic began a little later than usual but soon became very busy with people going in and out of rooms for geneticists and doctors!

In between times everyone sat and talked and discussed their own journeys with GIST. Everyone felt that they had been given individual attention and caring advice. Some of the newer patients had a lot to take on board as did some of the not so new patients! All felt that they were going away with information that they would never have known if they hadn't gone to the clinic that day.

Everyone was so impressed with their care and the support they had received and that they could talk to someone else who knew exactly how they were feeling, which is hard to do when you have a very rare cancer. All in all the clinic was a huge success and Dr Bulusu was again outstanding in his knowledge, advice and compassion.

Our thanks again to Dr Bulusu, Dr Ruth Casey and Dr Olivier Giger for their time and care. I think we all felt a little bit special and very well cared for by the time we left, Gisters and family as well!

PAWS-GIST Clinic 11 - December 2017

PAWS-GIST Clinic 11 - December 2017

"New Patient Feedback“ - So this Thursday and Friday I had the privilege to spend time in Cambridge to attend the PAWS-GIST clinic. I have to say this was an amazing experience. Talking to other patients and carers face to face proved to be invaluable and put us both at ease in regards to my diagnosis. The medical advice is second to none. I have never had so much time with professionals ever! They took time to look at me as an individual and suggested treatments and procedures for the future that I would have never been able to access at my local hospital. I recommend that anyone who has been diagnosed with PAWS-GIST attends this clinic. Thank you to those who take time to arrange this”.

Many thanks to Alison for her report and photos.

The next PAWS-GIST clinic will be in the Spring 2018. To attend please register via this website.

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