Patient Questionnaire – Borders should not be Barriers… Please help….

We are collaborating with EU-X-CT who are working to find ways to access clinical trials in other countries

EU-X-CT is a multi-stakeholder initiative, aiming to improve patient access to clinical trials in a different country, by collecting all relevant information from EU and non-EU countries on the following aspects of cross-border access to clinical trials.

We are sharing the EU-X-CT Patient questionnaire and hope to collect as many responses as possible to gain a clear picture of the current situation in different countries and understand the current barriers to accessing clinical trials in different countries.

Ideally, EU-X-CT are hoping to receive completed questionnaires by 5th March 2024 if at all possible.

On behalf of the EU-X-CT team, thank you for your help and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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